Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Low power consuming Led panels

Led stand for the light emitting diodes and these diodes consumes a very less amount of power and these are also very long life due to the very less heating capacity. Normally a led light  produces a less amount of light as we can’t use a single led for lighting the sources so we use it as a panel so that it can produce a huge amount of light and the size of the panels depends the capacity of its light emitting. Led light first of all mainly used in the indicators and the signals in electronic products and laboratory uses. But now these days power consumption is so high that power consuming rate is higher than that of power production rate, So to maintain the power ration and fulfil the power needs alternate power sources are used for saving the power.Many countries uses direct power supply  for saving the power and making power appliances long lives, In  DC  power  systems light continuously flows in two different wires mainly known as positive and neutral wires so power appliances work for a long time without any failure, but in the case of alternate power supply only single wire contains both positive and neutrals charge frequently and this frequency is so high that we can’t see it but in AC power supply appliances are not work  properly for a long time.

Led panels are mainly electrons which move from the negative terminal to the positive terminal   in an electron gun which continuously ejects electrons from the cathode towards the anode terminal of the gun and inside the gun a np type semiconductor forms between the cathode and anode terminals of the electron gun. In led light electrons are travels from cathode to anode with a very high velocity and these moving electrons accelerated by the incoming  power supply and in this way they emit light. Led light production is based on the  phenomenon of the Electrominescence which states that a light is produced when a radioactive material is passed with a high speed from a strong electric field. This phenomenon is used by the led lights and  when these small led a simultaneously combined than it produces large amount of light and these sources of light is known as the led panels. Now these days led lights are also used in the decoration and other parties in various colours which makes more interesting.Due to its low power consumption led are used in street lights and battery operated sources of the lights.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

LED Panel Lights by TL Sanli Lighting Co. Reduces Power Consumption upto 30%

The LED Light Panel experts at TL Sanli Lighting Co., www.sanli-led.com, announced that their LED Panel lights helped in reducing energy consumption by 70% and helps in decreasing pollution levels in the area.
LED Lights Reduce Energy Consumption by over 72%.
Earlier, when Halogen lights and fluorescent bulbs are in use than power consumed was much more than as compared to todays. These lights are made from very efficient and compact semiconductors.
Unexpected challenges come up when a large amount of new lights and power consumption source started operating in the area.  TL Sanli Lighting Company supply LED based street lights which are capable of reducing pollution immediately. In addition, we also reduced the energy consumption. Our traditional halogen or fluorescent lights consumes about 300 watts are now replaced by very efficient and energy saving LEDs uses only about 80 watts.
LED street lights, LED high bay lights helps in eliminating unused glare, light trespass, energy wastage and sky glow that comes with traditional fluorescent or incandescent lights.

A recent study suggests that about thirty percent (30%) of the lights generated by traditional light source flooding the skies, going into space and glaring at unwanted places and creates electrical hazards and decreases the energy level in our power store area. Eliminating all these hazards will result in saving 30% more electrical energy.
Keeping all the above situations in mind TL Sanli Lighting Co. Ltd , the pioneers of LED lighting design, manufacturing and supplying located in Guangzhong, China provide energy efficient, energy saving, and eco-friendly LED panel lights which can be installed at any places easily and can operate effectively in various weather conditions.
Consuming low energy of about 80 watts, these LED light Panels :
Emit a pure white light
Do not emit ultraviolet radiations due to which insects do not attract towards the lights.
Life span is comparatively hundreds of times higher than traditional lights. They can operate continuously for hundreds of hours without need of maintenance and repair.
Their average life is about 50,000 hours. This calculation is based on engineering testing and probability analysis).
They turn on instantly and within fraction of seconds starts illuminating or glowing at its full pace.
Vey Low maintenance cost.
Helps in reducing government budget on electricity by providing energy saving light source.
To learn more about LED panel lights and its efficieny and advantages in which it uses less electrical power, visit www.sanli-led.com/LED_panel.aspx

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Light Emitting Diode and its contribution in Science and Lighting Arena

Light emitting Diode technology is not a latest concept in science and technology, it was in the frame since 1960s. But its presence and effects increases from 1994 when shuji Nikamura of Nichia Corporation was demonstrated in 1994. They provide efficient, effective and energy saving lighting devices available as compared to traditional fluorescent, incandescent light bulbs and tubes. The wavelength of emitted light and its colors largely depends on energy band diagram.

In Silicon or germanium diodes, electrons and holes recombines through non-radiative transition, not producing optical emission, because they indirect band gap materials. The materials used for LED contains adirect band gap along with energies in respect to near-infrared, ultraviolet or visible light.
These development in early 1990's in LED's gave birth to efficient and luxury lighting devices like LED Panels and LED Grow lights. They not only save energy but also provide effective luxury lightings.