Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fiber Optic Lighting and its advantages

Fiber Optic Light is considered as highly efficient and energy saving illumination source available. These are manufactured by using optical fibers which are based on Principle of Total Internal Reflection. In these lights energy travel in the form of light not in the form of electric current which makes it more safer than any other electronics equipment as probability of electric shock is negligible in these lighting.

  Advantages of Fiber Optic Lighting:-
==> Less Expensive:- Optical Fibers are less expensive than others. Several miles of optical fibers can be cheaper than equal lengths of copper wire.
==> Optical fibers can be drawn in smaller diameters than any other cables and can be bundled easily than other cables.
==> Higgh carrying capacity of these cables makes it help in making fiber optic lighting more efficient and energy saving.
==> Fiber optics are so flexible that it can transmit and receive light.
==> It can be efficiently used for inspecting sewer lines.
==> Minimum or negligible loss of energy or signal in these optical fibers.