Friday, January 24, 2014

LED Light Panel an efficient source of light

Led stands for light emitting diode which is a semiconductor light emitting diode. Led light Panel consists of a semiconductor and it dipped in impurities in such a way that it forms a p-n junction so that the flow of electrons can be made inside the semiconductor. Led lights operates at low temperature and consumes very  less amount of electricity so it is the best alternative of traditional sources of light. In previous days when led lights discovered thane these lights are mainly used  in laboratories and electronic equipments but due to the light efficiency now incandescent  lamps are totally replaced by these led lights in every place.
Now led lights are available in several colors, but white, blue and red  led comes first of all and after that by mixing of colors several colors can we find. A single led light produces a very small amount of light so many places where we need much light, then we use led light panel which are a serial combination of single lights.Leds panels are mainly two types  I-conventional and surface mounted device. Many street lights.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

LED Grow Lights Promotes Indoor Gardening

LED Grow lights are made by using led semiconductor of p-n junction diode. Semiconductors used in these devices are intrinsic semiconductor. These lights are capable of providing complete lights and electromagnetic spectrum needed for process of photosynthesis for plants. These are an artificial light source which stimulates the growth of plants. They are used to supply light spectrum in nights and at places where there is no availability of sunlight. They made indoor gardening possible at places where sunlights is not able to reach.

 If you want to grow a plant near your bed so that you can get feeling  of touch with nature and increases oxygen content in your surrounding. It will help in maintaining greenery and oxygen content in your room.
  Led grow light promotes indoor gardening and agriculture at places where sunlight is not able to reach.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Uses and Advantages of LED Light Panel

Technology also changes with the change in time.  From the past few years technology regarding lighting also changed. Technology has gone so far from traditional bulbs, tubelights, etc. and various new and useful ways of lighting has come into existence. Light Emitting Diode which is abbreviated LED is used as semiconductor for the light source. LED can be used as panels for the purpose of displaying video images. There are two ways in which these light panels can work- either on their own or as a part of larger display units. In LED lighting group of various colored diodes such as red, green, blue diodes are utilized so that a full spectrum pixel color can be created whose shape is Squarish in shape. This technology is very much in use now a day as they use less energy and is very stunning. One of the most important things about this light is that it is available at affordable cost.

Cost of purchasing LED Panel Lights may be costlier but when they are used in long run it proved as cost saving because of its various advantages such as its maintenance cost is very low as well as it consumes less electricity which results in less amount of electricity bills. On an average such lights have a life span of about 50,000 hours which means if used 24 hours then almost around 2,083 days. But should not be used continuously 24 hours a day, some time gap should be there so that it does not get warm up so much. LED Panels have various applications and uses such as shop signs, billboards, general illuminations and destination signs; apart from this it can also be used in various automobiles as well as can also be used for lighting in theatre and stages etc. These panels can be purchased easily from internet. They are energy efficient which results in savings and hence results in increased money in your pocket. To install them not required knowledge of various technologies, it’s quite easy to install them.
These lights and panels can also be used to make your working area attractive as well as workable. According to a research if working area is good, then people are more willing to work and work more effectively and efficiently. The best thing about them is that they can best fit even in low spaces, consumes less power and are also very reliable. One can also use dimmer mode to reduce brightness if needed. They also have the facility to get connected to master connectors like DMX systems. They are very light weighted. These lights are available in various shapes, sizes and designs and are used in household as well as commercial establishments.

Using LEDPanels is quite fruitful as it can help you in using laptop, add or make some changes in different tunes, seizing movies, making digital films as well as it also helps in recording electronic videos. These panels are very safe in comparison to other panels.  It may help in reducing replacements, damages, and troubles along with reducing conversion inefficiency and in future it will be used for many other functions. As it is known to all that lighting plays a very obvious function in interior decoration, for giving a luxurious look along with bright illumination to decoration LED Panel Lights are used. Such lights also help in enhancing the value as well as beauty of your home.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Fiber Optic Lighting- Revolutionary Lighting System

Optical fiber is based on very important law of optical physics i.e. law of total internal reflection. According to this law when an incidence ray strikes to a medium boundary at an angle which is greater than critical than critical angle with respect to normal to the plane. Using this principle optical fiber provide energy transfer from one form to another in a very efficient way. Only small amount of energy is wasted in energy transferring process. Total internal reflection acts an operating principle of fiber optic lights. Fiber optic is mainly used in telecommunication and endoscopes. In optical fibers there is a transparent core which is surrounded by a transparent cladding material with lower index of refraction. Total internal reflection kept light in a core. In this way fiber acts a wave guide. Fiber optic lighting are more safe than other light sources like halogen tube, fluorescent tube etc. because in place of electric current light flows in fiber optic cable.

    Efficiency of fiber optic light lies in the fact that a very small amount of light is loss during its from source to destination. Amount of energy lost in form of light is negligible which makes it more efficient and energy saving instruments. Optical fibers and lights are especially used in celebration time for decoration of venues. Their safety is their biggest advantage. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

LED Grow Lights promotes Indoor gardening and Hydroponics

LED Grow light is an artificial source of light produced by using light emitting diode technology used for plants in place of sunlights. Their applications lies mainly in those areas where sunlight can not be reached due to reasons like winter season when there is less availability of sunlight on earth's surface. These light provides complete spectrum of light needed for process of photosynthesis for plants.
        After introduction of Hydroponics (technique through which plants can be grown in absence of soil by using mixture of water and other minerals required for plants cultivation) it becomes possible to grow plants and to do farming in areas where soil is concrete or not fertile. So hydroponics avail us to produce crops even at tougher conditions like non-fertile soil, concrete soil etc. While after the introduction of LED Grow lights use of hydroponics technique has been increased at large scale. Now it is possible to produce crops and to grow plants even at places where there is no reach of sunlight. These grow lightings motivates the use of hydroponics at a large scale. These lights do not produce heat even after hundreds of hours of continuous operations. Their merit of not producing heat and remain cool after even after long hours of continuous use helps in cultivation of marijuana plants which are very useful in treatments of Cancer patients. LED's grow light's can be used in medical research for discovering treatment of many diseases.
  These are highly efficient sources of light because energy lost in energy transfer is negligible in them. They can work efficiently and effectively by using less amount of electrical energy as compared to traditional sources of light. They are not only environment friendly but also promotes its conservation. They not only provides necessary light spectrum for process of photosynthesis but also stimulates the growth of plants means they also decreases the time taken by plants to grow. They promote practice of indoor gardening which gives you feeling of closely attached to nature and greenery. Hydroponics and grow lights combination boost crop production at non-fertile places and planting or gardening inside your house.