Saturday, December 28, 2013

TL SANLI LIGHTING Company Ltd. Announces 35% discount on LED based Product rate for Festival Season.

Leading Designer, manufacturer and supplier of LED Light Panels and Fiber optic lighting offers huge discount in its prices on the occasion of New Year and Spring season. These reduced rates will be applied from 30 December 2013 and will last till 15 Feb 2014. This huge discount is applicable in every country.  Season of festival and holidays are going on and to add taste of lighting and helps you in decoration, Company provides this huge discount of 35% to its clients worldwide. The products on which discounts are applicable include includes fiber optic light, led grow light and other products based on Light emitting diode technology. 
    “We want to convey the message throughout the world that our company really takes care of people emotions and hence we always try to add  colors to their celebration during festival season. Because of this we are announcing this huge discount on our products so that every section of the society can reach up to our products” said Jackie Sanli, Business manager of Tl Sanli Lighting Co. Ltd.  
LED based product consumes less energy as compared to traditional resources. Environmental friendly nature of products of this company makes it stand out differently from lacs of enterprises based on lighting equipment's.
Quality Analysis department of our company always committed to supply only 100% error free and security filled products to market. We always welcome comments from clients and customers from various part of the globe which helps us to learn and improve further. We believe in continuous learning. Our department of Research & Development tirelessly works hard for giving a new and energy saving techniques to the world which helps in our sustainable development.
Jackie Sanli added “ We will start our focus on online business from January 2014, as it will provide us more visibility throughout the world and it helps us in reaching more and more people.”

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