Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hydroponics and LED grow light

Hydroponics is a method in which plant grows without soil only using nutrient and minerals from liquid solutions. Roots of the plants are not in soil but in mixture of liquid solution in which various minerals like nitrogen, phosphorous etc. are present. These plants are kept in flask, bucket or container filled with liquid solution. They can be kept inside rooms or building. Light required for the process of photosynthesis is supplied by LED grow lights.
  Agricultural scientists discovered that plants absorbs their nutrients from minerals present in soil while some required nutrients are not present in soil and to fulfill this farmer has to mix Urea, Phosphorous etc. in soil to fulfill the requirement. In this way scientist also discovered that soil acts as a carrier of transferring food to plants. So Scientists made a successful experiment in which they collect all the materials required and dissolve in water to make a mixture then put plants in them in such a way that their roots are dipped in water solution. They can be placed anywhere and can be planted in any season. Sunlight required for the process of photosynthesis are given by LED grow light  which is capable of producing light which contains all the materials required for preparing food for them. Hydroponics is an standard and one of the efficient technique
used in laboratory for various agricultural experiment and research. Most of the reservoirs’ in which hydroponics techniques are made up of plastic along with other materials like glass, wood, metal, Cement or concrete etc. Combination of hydroponics and grow lights made it possible for indoor gardening and farming on concrete land. This technology is very useful in winter season where there is less availability of sunlight.  Led grow lights provides security and safety as possibility of current shock or melting of wire or heating of light is negligible as it remains cool even after running for days. Electrical Energy consumed by these products is very low as compared to other traditional sources.   These lights are fully capable of delivering spectrum with lights that are concentrated. This results in health and fast growing period of plants. This combination of hydroponics and led grow light makes it possible to produce crops even in green houses; desert sands; and at places where there is less availability of sunlight and there is less possibility of pests and insects which ultimately reduces the costs and work force.  This whole process reduces labor work and cost induced in farming of the crops. 

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