Friday, January 10, 2014

Fiber Optic Lighting- Revolutionary Lighting System

Optical fiber is based on very important law of optical physics i.e. law of total internal reflection. According to this law when an incidence ray strikes to a medium boundary at an angle which is greater than critical than critical angle with respect to normal to the plane. Using this principle optical fiber provide energy transfer from one form to another in a very efficient way. Only small amount of energy is wasted in energy transferring process. Total internal reflection acts an operating principle of fiber optic lights. Fiber optic is mainly used in telecommunication and endoscopes. In optical fibers there is a transparent core which is surrounded by a transparent cladding material with lower index of refraction. Total internal reflection kept light in a core. In this way fiber acts a wave guide. Fiber optic lighting are more safe than other light sources like halogen tube, fluorescent tube etc. because in place of electric current light flows in fiber optic cable.

    Efficiency of fiber optic light lies in the fact that a very small amount of light is loss during its from source to destination. Amount of energy lost in form of light is negligible which makes it more efficient and energy saving instruments. Optical fibers and lights are especially used in celebration time for decoration of venues. Their safety is their biggest advantage. 

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