Saturday, January 4, 2014

LED Grow Lights promotes Indoor gardening and Hydroponics

LED Grow light is an artificial source of light produced by using light emitting diode technology used for plants in place of sunlights. Their applications lies mainly in those areas where sunlight can not be reached due to reasons like winter season when there is less availability of sunlight on earth's surface. These light provides complete spectrum of light needed for process of photosynthesis for plants.
        After introduction of Hydroponics (technique through which plants can be grown in absence of soil by using mixture of water and other minerals required for plants cultivation) it becomes possible to grow plants and to do farming in areas where soil is concrete or not fertile. So hydroponics avail us to produce crops even at tougher conditions like non-fertile soil, concrete soil etc. While after the introduction of LED Grow lights use of hydroponics technique has been increased at large scale. Now it is possible to produce crops and to grow plants even at places where there is no reach of sunlight. These grow lightings motivates the use of hydroponics at a large scale. These lights do not produce heat even after hundreds of hours of continuous operations. Their merit of not producing heat and remain cool after even after long hours of continuous use helps in cultivation of marijuana plants which are very useful in treatments of Cancer patients. LED's grow light's can be used in medical research for discovering treatment of many diseases.
  These are highly efficient sources of light because energy lost in energy transfer is negligible in them. They can work efficiently and effectively by using less amount of electrical energy as compared to traditional sources of light. They are not only environment friendly but also promotes its conservation. They not only provides necessary light spectrum for process of photosynthesis but also stimulates the growth of plants means they also decreases the time taken by plants to grow. They promote practice of indoor gardening which gives you feeling of closely attached to nature and greenery. Hydroponics and grow lights combination boost crop production at non-fertile places and planting or gardening inside your house. 

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